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Interesting Boats Truscott 30 Launches

Above:  This classic Truscott 30 came out of the rather mundane orange mold.  The Truscott 30 has had a long (Over 100 years) tradition as being one of the most beautiful fantail launches ever built.  A smooth easily driven hull combines this beauty with a very well designed hull the just slips through the water with great facility.

Above: With her two bulkheads, engine bed/ stringers, and sheer clamp in place the hull begins to take on the appearance of a finely fitted yacht.

Above: This close up view of the fantail shows its complex and pleasing lines.  Not a straight line anywhere.

At Left:  The Truscott 30 "Rum Hound", an original wooden hull, built at the turn of the century, and still in good condition, having spent all of her life in fresh water with loving care.  The full cabin with glass windows makes her an expensive luxury in today's market.
Below: The Truscott 30 "Polly Zee", fourth hull from our new mold, during sea trials.  She is powered by a Beckmann, Limited  VFT-C55 Code steam boiler and a Strath SWAN compound 354 with piston valves.

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