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Boat Summary

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World Class Antique and Classic Reproductions of Launches and Tugboats
Specializing in Steam, Electric, and Diesel Propulsion
Steam and Electric Power for retrofitting and new Constructions

Fantail Launches:  Steam, Electric, Diesel, Gas.  Canopy, Cabin, Open.

Rose 20  20'0" X 4'4" X 2'0" 
Shown:  Electric, Gas
Over 100 built!

"Most popular small fantail launch"

See Fantail Launch Page!
25' x6' 2'
Lots of room.
A beautiful launch with beautiful lines!
shown: Steam
1st Hull to Dave Thompson, host of the  Lee's Mills Steamboat Meet.

Truscott 30  30'0" X 7'10" X 2'4"  Shown:  Steam
Seven delivered in last three years!

"The nicest fantail ever built"

Launches and Tourboats:  Steam, Electric, Diesel.  Canopy, Cabin, Open

Compromise 21  21'4" X 5'5 " X 2'2"  Shown: Diesel,               Electric

"Most launch for the money"

Compromise 25  25'4" X 6'4 " X 2'2"  Shown:  Steam

"A launch of sheer beauty"

Mase 22  22'3" X 7'10" X 2'0"  Shown:  Steam

Stable, roomy, and seaworthy

Totem 22  22'3" X 7'10" X 2'0"  Shown:  Steam

"Cruise aboard in protected comfort"

Tourboat 30  30'0" X 7'11" X 2'0"  Shown:  Steam, USCG certified passenger carrying!

"Most popular steam tourboat
built this century"

Classic Tugboats:  Steam, Diesel.  Canopy, Cabin.

Kathy 22  22'3" X 7'10" X 2'0"  Shown:  Diesel

Always an eye catcher

Bridget 30  30'0" X 8'0" X 2'2"  Shown:  Steam

Room to spread out, cruise in comfort

Firefly 33  33'4" X 11'6" X  3'3"  Shown:  Diesel
15 knots!

A great live-aboard.

Antique and Classic Launches and Tugboats     2015