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Launch and Tourboat

The Compromise 21 and 25 hulls are of fiberglass, with the main deck of varnished mahogany set over sawn mahogany deck beams.  Varnished mahogany is also used for trim throughout.  As standard the interior of the hull is painted fiberglass and the cockpit deck is gray paint over glass mat on waterproof plywood.  The steering is by lever connected by a rod to the tiller arm of a brass plate rudder supported on top by a stuffing box and on bottom by a pintle bearing mounted on the  brass skeg.  Seating in the
C 21 is for six to eight and in the C 25 eight to ten on benches along each side and across the fore and after ends of the cockpit. 
The deck hardware may be brass/bronze or chrome/SS.
There is a hand bilge pump and in addition an electric bilge pump on the electric version.
Bare hulls are priced C21- $5,995.  and C25- $8,795. and we will install two bulkheads and two bed stringers for only C21-$2495, and  C25- $2,895.
                                    Steam         Electric          Diesel
Compromise 21         $44,950       $39,950.        $43,950.
Compromise 25         $49,950.      $46,950.        $48,950.

Launch and Tourboat A     COMPROMISE 25

Steam Propulsion

These Compromise hulls require the same power to move them through the water.  As standard the boiler is a Beckmann, Limited Model Magic VFT-30, solid fuel fired steam boiler with a HUDSON or Tiny Power 3" X 4" single cylinder, double acting steam engine. Both engines have Stephenson linkage valve gear with "D" valves in the steam chests.  The propeller is a three blade, right hand, cast bronze 18" X 28".  The propeller shafts are 1" Tobin bronze set into bearings at the after end of the fiberglass shaft log and attached to the engine by flexible couplings.  NOTE: Other engines and boiler selections are available, please inquire and we will develop a quotation for you.  A number of enhancement options are available for both boats which are tabulated to the above right.  The steam boats are standard, equipped with condensing system, a shaft driven feed water pump, a hand feed water pump, a vacuum pump, an exhaust heat exchanger, brass covered stainless steel stack, steam whistle, all valves and gauges . All steamboats are run in fresh water, fully tested, and are ready to steam away, when picked up by the owners, or delivered.

Compromise/Mase Launch and Tourboat Enhancement Options
Enhancement Option:         Compromise 21 Compromise 25  Mase 22
Hull colors other than white             $ 320.                $360.           $  475.
Towing eye for trailer loading               75.                    75.                 75.
Half oval trim over wood rubrail       3,825.                3925.             4195.
Interior cockpit "ceiling"  from         3,280.                3,500.             4950.
Seat bins, watertight hatches and  .                                                     
   shiplap mahogany seat fronts       2995.                3895.             3995.
Teak/Holly cockpit sole                      2595.                2995.             3395.
Cockpit combing round after end        960.                 960.               inc
Seat cushions                                       2550.                3780              3550.
Deck railings fore and aft                    1250.                1295.             1250.
Spoked wooden wheel system           1250.                1325.             1325.
Canopy and scalloped fringe              4495.                5295.             5995.
Curtains w/ panels                                4495.                4990.             4750.
Mosquito panels, each                          295.                  295.               295.
Porta Potti with curtain                          995.                  995.               995.
Flexible coupling                                    450.                   450.               450.

Electrics and Diesels Only:
         Center Console                              $1975.              1975.            1975.
         Built in battery charger                 included                 
         Battery maintenance system        included   
         Electric Navigation lights             365.                  365.                425.
Many other options available. Please ask!

Comment on Compromise hulls
Compromise hulls are so named because they are a combination of a canoe stern and the underbody portion of a drake stern.  The former provides easy exit from the water and the latter additional stability.

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