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Steam Engines Castings & Complete KITS

"BLOCK" 2.1/2" X 3"  3 HP
Castings Only and Complete Kits

At Right:  BLOCK engines are available as complete kits, or with just castings.  With a complete BLOCK kit you will not require much else to complete your steam engine.
BLOCK engine kits are offered as complete kits with all needed castings and materials,  assembly and parts drawings and parts list with machining and assembly instructions.  These kits are time tested and many engines have been successfully built and operated by novice machinists.  BLOCK Complete Kit
  Priced at $2,275.  BLOCK engine castings only with parts list and drawings priced at $110.

HUDSON 3" x 4" and MYSTIC 3" & 5" X 4" complete kits and Castings-only kits are awaiting new pricing from the foundry.

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"PEARL" 2.5" X 3" 4 HP
Castings Kit

At Right:  The PEARL steam engine is made available as CASTINGS KITS of either Grey Iron or Bronze.  These kits are complete with 34 castings, 32 detailed machining drawings and all miscellaneous items for successful completion.  KITS are priced at $1,287. and $1,765., respectively, for the Grey Iron or Bronze, twin kits $2,862. and $3,911., respectively.

Machined Kit (Ready to assemble)

At Right and Below Right:  MACHINED KITS are also available for the Pearl engine, supplied with all parts machined in the manufacturer's shop.  They are ready for your assembly and adjustment.  The crankshaft is assembled and the babbitt bearings poured.  All needed items included.  Priced at $3,221. Grey Iron or $3,743.  Bronze; twin kits$6,818. and $7,867.,  respectively.

Castings Kit

At Left:  The one cylinder "M", as designed by Pop Arnold, is the least expensive and easiest of the "M" series to build.  With the exception of the base and the connecting rod, which should be done on a milling machine, the engine can be built with an 11" lathe and drill press.  An all castings kit, complete with drawings.  $1,295.