Interesting Boats Thayer 19

A 19' Thayer hull with a 5'6" beam. 
It has a 21 sq. ft. dry bottom ASME Code VFT boiler, solid fuel fired,
a Reliable compound steam engine
2.3 & 3.5 X 2,
condensing with condenser
and hot well. 
Three boiler feeds:
Hypro engine driven pump,
a 1/4" Kinsella Injector,
and a hand force pump. 
It has a 16 X 26 Elliot Bay propeller.

The EasyLoader trailer and boat
are in good shape
and have not been used
for the past five years
as the owner moved up to a
Compromise 21 steam launch.

Owner sold boat to a party in New Zealand and we shipped the boat via containerized ocean freight. 
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the boat into the container. Click

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