Interesting Boats Mase 22 Steam Launch
"Jolie Blonde"

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Sea Trials "Mase 22, April, 2005

Confab with owner starts the process.  A matter of simply following the pipes.

This Mase 22 will be based in Yorktown, Virginia cruising the local creeks, rivers and out on to Chesapeake Bay.  She is powered with a Beckmann, Limited wood fired vertical fire tube VFT-40 steam boiler and a Strath SWAN compound 354.  She swings a three blade 20" X 30" prop.

"Thanks for Mase 22"

Owner Capt. Gary Shulenburg writes,  "Walter, Many thanks to you and Lloyd for the great effort and workmanship on our Mase 22.  I am still admiring Lloyd's craftsmanship on the boarding ladder and the stack cap, as well as the boat in general.  I am gradually winning the naming contest with "Jolie Blonde", but not sure at what price."

The boat operated by Capt. Gary heads back to the Wharf where she is placed aboard her trailer and shrink wrapped for the tow to Virginia.