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Issue Number One Hundred

Lloyd and Walter pose in front of the real "African Queen" on which extensive repairs were made.  USCG inspection was met and the famous lady returned to her tourboat duties.  Lloyd during sea trials of a Mase 22.

Lloyd and Rob unload a Mase 22 hull just picked up from the fiberglass lay up subcontractor.  All of the boat builders in Rhode Island now use this outfit to lay up their hulls. 

At long last, Walter has decided to ease off a bit on working full time.  Lloyd will be running Beckmann Steam and Electric Boatshop, Limited.   In reality this means that he will add marketing and bookkeeping to his already full duties at the shop.
To contact Lloyd at the shop (401) 294 1030.
To contact Lloyd at his home (401) 789 0849

Lloyd delivers an electric powered Compromise 21 to a Cape Cod owner.
Lloyd and Rob install the deck beams and cockpit sole in a Compromise 21 and put the spare tire on the trailer of a Compromise 21 that was headed to Russia.

Lloyd and his family enjoy a cruise aboard an electric Rose 20.

In Japan, Lloyd and his wife Tawny pose in front of one of two steam Rose 20 launches that he built for Disney Tokyo.

Lloyd aboard a Tourboat 30 he built for a Museum in Japan, during sea trials in RI.

Lloyd hooks up a VFT-C55 boiler  and Scripps 3/5.5/4 compound that went to Turkey.

Lloyd runs a hydro/pressure test on a HWT-S48 boiler.