Interesting Boats:  Truscott 30 Luxury Launch


Ready for its wood fired Code Boiler VFT-C55 and your choice of compound engines either a Scripps 3" & 5.5" X 4" or a newly completed Strath SWAN 3" & 5" X 4".  All the extras are included, with the finest woodwork and selected mahogany hand sanded and varnished to a glowing finish.  Wheel Teleflex steering, large brass rudder, and 20" X 30" Prop.

Above:  Interior of cockpit looking aft. 
Below:  Launch completed with full canopy and cover.

Above left: Strath SWAN 3" & 5" X 4"
Above right: Scripps 3" & 5.5" X 4"
NOTE:  This fine launch also available with electric or diesel power.