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Interesting Boats Bridget 30 Tugboat "Van Pelt"

The Bridget 30 Tugboat is one of several configurations that use the basic extended hull and deck. 

Above:  A Bridget 30 hull that has just been completed with the bottom anti-fouling paint applied.  The hull is 30'0" X 7'10" X 2'0" and can be made to carry up to twenty passengers.  The hull is not only easily driven but is quite sea-worthy as well.  The tugboat version may be used for coastal and day cruising.

Above and Right:  This steam tugboat sleeps two forward and two aft with the after portion of the center cabin devoted to galley and dining areas.  The steam plant in housed in the forward portion of the center cabin with the engine below the pilothouse sole.  Controls for the boiler and engine are brought to the pilothouse for single person operation.

The Bridget 30 Tugboat is powered by an oil fired Beckmann, Limited vertical fire tube steam boiler Model VFT-40.  The Semple compound engine Model 454 is condensing and drives a 20" X 30" three blade propeller.  Other boiler and engine selections have been used successfully.
Remote waterways are easily explored as the Bridget 30 can be transported by trailer for hundreds of miles without difficulty.  She catches many eyes and favorable comments..

Above:  On an early morning steam the "Van Pelt" makes good time while her whistle greets a new day on the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal.