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Interesting Boats Compromise 21 Electric "Elizabeth"

Compromise Electric Launch "Elizabeth" is delivered to Osterville, MA for sea-trials.

A simple turn of her key-lock is all that is needed for her to power away from the delivering trailer and truck.  A short, quick trip takes her over to her new owner's house on Cotuit Bay, one of Cape Cod's salt ponds, which  open to Nantucket Sound.

"Elizabeth" is powered by a 36 volt Beckmann Electric Propulsion Unit (BEPU), which is powered by three type 8D lead-acid batteries, located aft beneath the after seats.  The BEPU is housed in a small, neat cocktail table. Steering is by a lever attached to the large brass rudder and is in easy reach at the right of the helmsman.  The Control knob is located in the front of the helmsman's seat.  This provides speed control as well as forward and reverse directions.  Seats are covered with upholstered cushions and protected by a canopy with drop-down curtains.

The Electric Drive System (EDS) consists of the BEPU, the battery bank, the control circuit, and a battery charger.  The latter is merely plugged into regular household power at the dock and the automatic charger takes over from there, detecting and supplying power to the batteries until they are fully recharged.  Elizabeth's 35 mile range is more than adequate for a day's pleasant cruising around the various connecting bays.  Continuous use of the boat may be had by recharging the batteries overnight and continuing again the next day with a full store of power.