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Interesting Boats Mase 22 Tourboat "Windermere"

Windermere, a steam tourboat, is owned by Chef David Beier.  David owns an Inn with an award winning gourmet restaurant located on Walloon Lake in upper Michigan.  Aside from its inherent tourist appeal, the Windermere performs the useful task of bringing people to and from the Inn.

Captain of the boat dresses to look the part, as he welcomes guests aboard for taxi service, sunset, moonlight and wedding cruises.

Windermere is powered by a wood or oil fired boiler and a Semple 354 compound steam engine.  Perimeter seating will accommodate about 12 persons.  Her canopy offers protect from the sun while the drop-down curtains (with transparent panels) protect against wind and rain.  The interior is roomy;  the polished brass railings provide for safety and add to the overall ambience of the traditional yachts that plied the many Michigan lakes at the turn of the century.  Built in 1987 Windermere has worked successfully since and has proved to be a showpiece in the area.  She annually defends her reputation at The Walloon Lake Steamboat Regatta.

A dry bar and food dispensing counter is located aft of the boiler, from which cocktails and canopies are served enroute to the Inn as well as on extended pleasure cruises around the lake.  The Mase 22 model has been adapted to many uses and in every case has proved to be dependable and efficient.  Her hand sanded woodwork adds to her beauty and provides the atmosphere of quality that is in keeping with the Walloon Lake Inn and Restaurant.