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Interesting Boats Compromise 21 Steam Launch
"Queen Charleen"

It is a real pleasure to see a boat that after seven seasons looks as good as it did when we delivered it.  The "Queen Charleen" has been kept up with great care and dedication by her owner, Dr. Jack Whittaker of Williamsport, PA.

This Compromise 21 is powered by a Beckmann, Limited Model VFT-30 wood fired steam boiler and a Semple 3 X 4 single cylinder engine.  The Queen has operated flawlessly during her lifetime and has provided many hours of enjoyment for Jack and his family.
Being easily trailerable the Compromise 21 can visit many waterways, thus always providing an ever-changing scene to enjoy.  The trailer has been custom fitted to the compromise hull and therefore is very easy to off load and load.  Full keel support on rollers and bilge support by bunks provides a balanced and sturdy foundation for the hull while towing.  The custom made cloth cover (resting on the canopy) covers from the top of the stack to the  waterline

The fine condition of the varnished woodwork, the brass hardware, and the decks shows the benefits of a good boat cover.