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Interesting Boats Truscott 30 Steam Launch"Polly Zee"

At Left:  The "Polly Zee" under construction with the inlaid mahogany deck in place.  Below:  Ceiling, seat fronts, and Sole nicely covered by beautiful wood. Engine cutout..

At Left:  Boarding stairs attach to either side for convenience of guests and are removable for additional seating room. 
Below:  On her trailer with all the curtains up, "Polly Zee" waits for her sea trials to begin.  The forward portion of the curtains remove completely during fine weather, yet provide for complete visibility during rain.

More to See Truscott 30 Polly Zee
Interior      <CLICK>    Sea Trials

Below:  The engine and boiler form a compact unit in the center of the boat with all the needed valves and boiler door in convenient reach of the helmsman.  Wood is stored in the seat boxes leaving the Sole relatively free of encumbrances for a spacious cockpit.

Above:  The two pressure gages and the vacuum gage are easily visible to the helmsman; the whistle pull is in easy reach. 

At Right:  It takes a moment to focus on the heating elements which are run beneath all the seats.  Exhaust steam is valved into the heating lines before being introduced into the condenser.  A nice feature that provides for enough warmth so that the useful boating season may be extended by four to six weeks each Spring and Fall.  The grating covers insulation that preclude condensation forming on the interior of the hull.