Issue # One Hundred Twenty Two

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Stolen!!! Please keep your eyes and ears open. Stolen from poor old fellow right out of his barn/garage! Pennsylvania.


EASTHOPE has been designing and manufacturing marine engines since 1897.  These engines have become representative of an era when robust and dependable power was developed.
The engine for sale here was built during the early 1980's and was used in the boat pictured at left for several years.  It's use was restricted to fresh water and hence it is in excellent condition.
A present day started has been added in the interest of convenience and the engine is, not only a joy to behold, but functions well providing good power for a light displacement (up to two tons) vessel   The owner and engine are located in PA and the engine may be inspected at your convenience.
Owner asks $ 1,875.

Easthope Single Cylinder Gas engine

Bore and Stroke                     3.875" X 5"
Displacement                   59 cubic inches
Starting                                         electric
Water pump                Easthope plunger
Weight with transmission            240 lbs
Transmission         Cone clutch 1:1 ratio
Suggested propeller  14 X 12 or 16 X 10
Rpm range                      100 to 900 rpm
Maximum power                            14 hp
Fuel                              Regular gasoline

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