Issue Number One Hundred Twenty

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Compromise 21 S/L
Vertical Fire Tube VFT-30 oil fired boiler with
Semple 3X4 Engine.
Boat refitted 2007 including new lagged boiler.
With canopy, seat cushions, Trailer, varnished trim and brightwork.
Located Rhode Island.
Ready to steam for 2008.

NEW Throttle/Reverse

New controller for our electric drive system allows for simple operation by a single lever which controls speed from zero to full (left) and forward/reverse by corresponding movement of the control lever (right). This enables full control from full ahead to full reverse by  moving the single lever.

A Compromise 25 begins construction with the mold shown above.  This version of this beautiful launch is to be electrically driven and will use the new throttle/reverse control.  She will have ten horsepower 48 volt motor with standard sealed lead-acid batteries stored beneath perimeter seating.  Her trim will be mahogany with an oak planked sole .Hull color is standard white with varnished deck and trim.
At left is a photo of a completed Compromise 25 taken on a very still day.

Above is a view of the stern of the new launch while to the right is a shot of the interior with the stringer beds waiting to be glassed in place.

See "Steam Valves"  New LOW Prices

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