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Steam Engines 2.5" X 3" 2 HP Single Cylinder


Right:  The 2.5" X 3" steam engine "BLOCK", also a Single Cylinder Double Acting Steam Engine complete with boiler feed water pump.  Small and light enough for a 15 footer yet powerful enough to drive a 21 foot launch.  An ideal starter engine that will hold its value for years to come.  Only $3,300.


Left:  The "PEARL"  2.5" X 3" is a single cylinder, double acting steam engine with Stephenson valve gear.  It is an ideal engine for a small launch such as the Rose 20.  Accompanied by a VFT-20 it makes a pleasing and practical steam power plant.  The engine is available made from Grey Iron or Bronze castings and is priced at $3,348. and $3,828., respectively.


Right:  The Strath "MURRAY" 2.5" X3" D Valve.  This is a single, rated 2-3 HP.  Its precision ground solid crankshaft is supported by sealed ball bearings, as is the big end.  The gudgeon is a sealed needle roller bearing lubricated for life.  A sight glass drip fed oiler lubricates the cross head.  The "D" slide valve may reversed by either a slip eccentric  $6,280. or with Stephenson valve gear  $6,825.

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