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Steam Engines 3" X 4" 5 HP Single Cylinder


Left:  The 3" X 4" Single Cylinder Double Acting Steam Engine "HUDSON" complete with boiler feed water pump.
Robust design, yet light in weight so as to be ideal for hulls from 20 to 25 feet in length.  Only  $4,200.

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Right: Tiny Power "M" 3X4 D Valve single cylinder, double acting steam engine.  Dependable, pretty, and well balanced with sturdy construction., with Stephenson valve gear.  Engine w/o pumps $3595.  With feed water pump installed  $3995. 


Right:  The Strath Warrego  is a  single cylinder.  Crankshaft is supported by sealed ball bearings, and a split bronze bushing with a hard chromed journal on the big end.  Warrego with D valve, slip eccentric valve gear  $9,288.  with D valve, Stephenson link valve gear  $10,695.  Warrego with Piston valve, Stephenson valve gear  $11,300..