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Interesting Boats:  Compromise 21 Steam Launch

This boat is equipped with a Beckmann, Limited Model VFT-30 electric oil burning vertical fire tube steam boiler and a Semple 3"X 4", single cylinder, double acting steam engine.  To complete the outfit many extras have been added including a canopy with drop curtains and transparent panels for visibility, as well as a trailer.

This Compromise 21 is probably the most completely equipped launch that ever attended the Lee' Mills steamboat meet. 
Her VFT-30 boiler is oil fired by an electric burner.  The batteries are recharged either by solar panels fitted on to of the canopy or by an electric battery charger that is plugged into dock power. 
Her canopy has a complete fringe and is equipped with drop down curtains that have large transparent panels.  Her seats are covered with cushions, a separate Captains seat is easy on the back.
She is fitted with an echo sounder and VHF radio.  Her fine galvanized trailer has large wheels and surge brakes for added safety. 
The boat was delivered in November of 1996 and has had careful treatment and TLC since.  The boat is located in eastern Pennsylvania.

A stack cover keeps rain out of the boiler, very useful on bad weather days, when the fire could be extinguished